Music Monday: Troye Sivan – “TRXYE”

That’s “T-R-X-Y-E,” everyone. Not “Troye” or “Trixie.” You refer to the album title as if you were spelling something out.

Troye Sivan (that’s “TROY si-VAHN,” while we’re on pronunciations here) is an internet personality and is just about to hit 3 million subscribers on YouTube. Three. Million. I don’t think I can gather a large enough group of people who, collectively, have all met 3 million people.

I, myself, didn’t start watching his YouTube videos until after I listened to his record, and have only heard about him through other YouTubers, namely Tyler Oakley. Troye’s YouTube content mostly spans from skits to vlogs and, more recently, behind the scenes content of his musical endeavors.

Troye started uploading videos onto YouTube 7 years ago at the age of 12, videos consisting mostly of raw material of him singing in front of the camera. A few years down the road, he began filming skits and vlogs, and soon built his online brand around those, while still uploading simple covers of songs that he recorded here and there. Around his 18th birthday in June of 2013, Troye signed his first record deal with EMI Music Australia, and began working on his debut record. In October of 2013, he reached the major milestone of hitting 1 million subscribers on YouTube. This past summer, Troye announced the release of his EP, TRXYE, would be available for purchase in August of 2014, with “Happy Little Pill” as the leading single.

The music featured on his EP is a bit of a departure from the type of music I usually default to listening to, but being a huge supporter of any and all YouTubers, I gave it a listen, and was pleased with what I heard. The leading single, which also kicks off the 5-song EP, is an appropriate prelude to what’s to come in the rest of the record sonically and lyrically. The song itself shrouds the listener with an ethereal vibe, very much appropriate for the lyrical content that talks about turning to a vice to help you escape an exhausting mind and fast moving thoughts. The dark, EDM-esque influenced song was surely a hit with his near-3 million subscribers, and was an excellent way to break into the music industry, with every intention to stay and slay the charts.

Another highlight is entitled “Fun,” which contains a higher-tempo composition with a more prominent and stronger use of synths, emitting an electro-dance vibe. Troye further demonstrates his sophisticated creativity in the lyrics, writing about the glorification of war, something not very many entertainers in the music industry have the capacity to write about. Finally, the last track, aptly named “The Fault in Our Stars,” drew inspiration from the 2014 novel-turned-film of the same name. The song starts out with a dark sentiment, but by the time the chorus comes around, this gloominess turns into a more optimistic tone, before building up to an anthem declaring triumph over an unfortunate situation.

This 5-song EP was much more than a preface to Troye’s future musical endeavors. It serves as a token that represents the YouTube community taking over mainstream media, and the great potential the content creators of YouTube have to accomplish great things outside of the internet. Eventually, more and more people from that community will conquer mainstream media, with creators like Troye spearheading the entertainment revolution.


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