5 YouTubers Everyone Should Know About

Upon hearing that I frequent YouTube to the extent that I do, and that I subscribe to a handful (or two) of YouTubers, I’m always asked out of all of them, which is or are my favorites. If you want to know more about my YouTube obsession and how it all came to be, you can read more about it here. To be fair, all of the content creators that I subscribe to are different and talented in their own ways, so it’s difficult to name a few, let alone just one, of my favorites. It also doesn’t help that I tend to discover more and more talent on YouTube almost on a daily basis. I often find myself sitting in front of my computer watching Youtube videos for hours, when my initial intention was to watch one or two videos (sound familiar to anyone?). But after much deliberation, I have managed to narrow it down to 5 that stick out to me, and whose videos I can watch for hours on end (I’ve embedded the links to their respective channels in the images below. You’re welcome).

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JMM 2015

Early Friday morning on January 9, I hopped onto a plane at LAX (oh hey, Miley) and flew 1,000 miles south to San Antonio to attend the Joint Mathematics Meetings. JMM is an annual event where Mathematicians from across the world come together to present and listen to various research that their international colleagues have been conducting. To put it simply, JMM is one giant Math convention.

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The Maze

It’s a common belief that magic and religion are completely incompatible, that one contradicts the other, and thus should not be combined under any circumstances. Jim Munroe disproves this notion in an extraordinary way, very easily captivating his audience with every illusion he performs and every word he says onstage. He shows that magic and religion are very relatable topics, and very much go hand in hand. He shows that a simple card trick can be extraordinary if looked at with the right perspective.

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5 TV Shows That Need To Come Back NOW

Winter Break just ended last week, and I am already in the thick of the new academic quarter. This quarter, my sanity will be greatly tested, as I am taking 4 different Math classes, all of which are upper division. It’s only the third day of school, and I find myself already studying and completing assignments – what ever happened to doing nothing during the first week of classes? In between all of the studying and homework assignments, a distraction from formulas and theorems is going to be a dire necessity. Since it is only the first week of January, many shows are still on hiatus before returning to complete (or begin) their respective seasons. Here are a few shows whose premiere dates cannot come soon enough.

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Music Monday: Walter’s Indie/Folk-Pop Playlist

Hello everyone, and welcome back from the holidays! You’ve made it through day one of post-Holiday shenanigans, and so what better way to unwind than with some banjo-infused acoustic goodness? (My brain is fried from my first day back at school, forgive the cheesy vernacular).

This week, I decided to do something a little different and give a list of songs that delve into the genre that I like listening to on a day-to-day basis. All of the songs on this playlist have somewhat of an Indie vibe, but are also influenced by Folk. Instruments you’ll find in common with these songs are the acoustic guitar, banjo, and some unusual percussion – including hand claps and foot stomps. Some of the songs lean more towards typical pop music you hear on the radio and some deviate into Country-Rock territory (and one even has a bit of an urban influence), but the one thing each of these songs have in common are their individual uses of real instruments, which is something I always look for when I come across new music.

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