Music Monday: My Top 5 Bands

Happy January 19, everyone! Sorry for the lack of Music Monday post last week – I was at a conference in San Antonio, as you have probably already known and read about. If not, you can read all about my shenanigans and discoveries here. But I have since returned, and am ready to get back into the swing of things, bringing back your regularly scheduled program.

I hope the past week has treated you well, and if you were one of the poor unfortunate souls who had to go back to school (i.e. me), congratulations! You’ve made it through the first two weeks! I’m always open to discovering new music from different artists I’ve never heard before, and it’s very comforting to know that there’s still so much more out there that hasn’t come my way. Sometimes, though, it’s just as fun rediscovering talent that I haven’t listened to in awhile during those dry times that I haven’t come across anyone new. Listening to bands that I loved when I was in high school, or even before that, instantly takes me back to those simpler times, and I fall in love with their music all over again. These are a few bands that I know I can always go back to and never get tired of.

1. Family of the Year


Family of the Year is a band that I discovered in the past year. I was first introduced to them by a friend of mine when I came across one of their songs, “St. Croix,” that she put on an Indie mix tape that she had made for me. What attracted me most to that initial song was the simple melody of the chorus and its overall uninhibited feeling. After hearing “St. Croix,” I immediately took to Spotify and listened to its respective album – and loved every second of it. Another one of my favorites from the Loma Vista album is “Buried.” Although it has a bit of a dark meaning, it is juxtaposed with upbeat instrumentation and lighthearted melody, giving the song a tongue-in-cheek feeling. Altogether, Family of the Year feels like a walk in the park, a drive through the outskirts of town, a pensive summer day.

2. Fun.


If you didn’t blast “Some Nights” during an existential crisis, belt out “We Are Young” while out on a night car ride with a few close friends, or cry to “Carry On” during a dark period of your life, you’re probably lying. The band often pairs relatable lyrics with catchy and upbeat music, making them an absolutely reachable people. What I like most about their music is that it caters to all different kinds of tastes – whether you are a Top 40 radio listener, or are more of an Indie genre person. Ultimately, it’s the empowering songwriting and smart instrumentation that draw in the listener. It is clear that Fun. doesn’t just release catchy songs – they produce anthems.

3. Parachute


In a word, Parachute’s music is romantic. With songs spanning the entire spectrum of a relationship, from mere infatuation (“She”), to the devastating breakup (“Hurricane”), Parachute’s songs can easily be related to from different stages of a relationship. The emotion for each song is unique, and is brought forward through thoughtfully written lyrics, matching the use of each individual instrument. The sentiment of the lyrical content complements those of the overall composition of each accompanying track. The unique thing about the content of each song is that although some songs touch on the heartbreak that comes with breaking up, the lyrics steer away from malice. Heartbroken or completely enamored, each song makes every male listener want to be the guy behind the song.

4. Walk The Moon


Walk The Moon immediately caught my attention with their catchy melodies and bubbly instrumentation. They have recently released their third studio album, Talking Is Hard, which I wrote about here. With every new song they put out, the band doesn’t fail to deliver the same infectious tunes their fans have come to love. What makes the band even more incredible is their ability to delve into different musical territory while still maintaining their integrity as a band. Every future material they release will make for not only more great music, but also an incredibly entertaining concert show.

5. Yellowcard


At first listen, Yellowcard seems to be your typical pop rock band with generic lyrics about subjects you’ve heard about many times in other songs. However, the more you listen to the band’s material, the more you realize that they are anything but typical. Ryan Key and the rest of the band deliver thoughtfully written lyrics on topics that are anything but normal to the music industry today.”Here I Am Alive” touches on overcoming adversity and coming out on the other side of a tough situation. On a more heavy-handed note, “Ten” is about the devastating loss of a child. Finally, to further display the band’s creativity with song writing and production, “Dear Bobbie” is a love song about Ryan Key’s grandmother, written from his grandfather’s perspective – it even features a recording of Key’s grandfather reading a letter that he wrote to his late wife. What sets the band further apart from many others is their consistent use of the violin in each of their songs. From their lyrics to the instruments they use, Yellowcard continually proves that they are anything but your prototypical pop rock band.

Again, sorry for the tardiness of this post! Hopefully I have provided more enlightenment for your repertoire, and that some of these bands will help you get through the rest of your week. Take care, everyone!


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