5 Signs That I Was Definitely Raised Filipino

It’s definitely no secret that I’m Filipino. I mean, it’s not like I go out onto the streets and make giant “Look at me, I’m Filipino!” proclamations when I get the chance – upon first glance, people can usually tell what my ethnicity is. That being said, it’s not normally something I think about until one of the following things happen: 1. Someone asks what ethnicity I am “just to make sure” or 2. I do something that is just absolutely, undeniably Filipino. It is during those times that I start to realize that different practices and cultural customs I was raised on find ways to filter themselves into my everyday living. Make no mistake, I am by no means ashamed of any of it – it amuses me more than anything, especially when I hear one or both of my parents’ voices in my head when it does happen. Here are a few examples that have happened to me recently that made me realize, “Wow, I’m definitely Filipino.”

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“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” – Another Netflix Phenomenon

In 2013, news broke out of a new NBC comedy, then titled Tooken, that was to star Ellie Kemper as upbeat former cult victim, Kimmy Schmidt. Created, produced, and written by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, the series would revolve around Kimmy Schmidt as she navigates her way through life in New York City after being held captive by a doomsday cult in Indiana for over half of her life. Originally slated to premiere on NBC, Netflix bought the series, which would then follow in the footsteps of other successful Netflix original series such as House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black.

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Finals Week Tips

If you’re reading this right now, chances are that you, much like myself, should be preparing for your impending doom, otherwise known as finals week. You’ve spent the last 10 (or 16 for you semester folks) weeks going to class (probably), taking diligent notes during lectures (or doodling), and completing hours upon hours (and hours) of projects and homework assignments, that would all lead up to this point of the quarter (semester) – finals week. This last week of instruction was the calm before the storm, finishing up projects, completing final homework assignments, etc. Despite the fact that you have encountered this fateful week many times before, for some reason its reappearance comes unexpectedly by the time it does come around. Because of that, you find yourself ripping your hair out, stress eating, cramming as much information into your brain as possible. If not, congratulations – you’re in denial. But before you go on that stress-induced rampage, here are a few tips to keep from doing so (or at least postpone it).

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“Boyhood” – An Extraordinary Journey 12 Years in the Making

In mid-2002, production began on Richard Linklater’s screenplay, then untitled, in his hometown of Houston, Texas. The coming of age story revolves around a boy as he grew up within a tumultuous household between the ages of 6 and 18. From the multiple-plots-in-one concept to the expansive amount of time spent on filming, everything about Boyhood is unconventional, taking on risks within film production that no one has ever dared to take before. The Academy Award nominated film is smart, full of heart, and will forever change the game of film making. Continue reading