Music Monday: Connor Franta – “Common Culture”

It seems as though breaking into the music industry is a growing interest among the YouTube community. With the likes of online musicians such as Kina Grannis, Tyler Ward, and Troye Sivan, Connor Franta is next in line to grace our iTunes and Spotify playlists with new music – but not in the way anyone would expect.

Connor Franta, known for his humorous sketches and vlogs on YouTube, released his first compilation album, Crown, last year, in an attempt to broaden the spectrum of his brand. This past year, Franta launched a new lifestyle brand, Common Culture, which would include clothing, coffee, and a follow up compilation record to Crown.

His second compilation album, much like the first, features new and upcoming artists that Connor himself listens to, and would like to share with his ever-growing fan base. Music on this record include songs by Tei Shi, Panama Wedding, LANY, and many more like artists. In today’s day and age where almost every song that is played on the radio sound the same and are lyrically unsatisfying, Common Culture is the saving grace that will draw you away from that world of vanilla pop music.

The songs from Common Culture are miles away from the generic pop world, taking on a darker EDM-infused Indie sound. The production of each of the tracks are simple and not overdone, and aren’t overwhelmed by all of the unnecessary bells and whistles like auto-tune and heavily computerized sounds. Sonically, the songs range from acoustic-influenced Indie Pop tracks like “Blood Shutter” by Handsome Ghost to songs with a classic 1980’s vibe such as “Bassically” by Tei Shi. The common factor of each of the songs are the nonexistent layers upon layers of vocals and overproduction.The songs don’t aggravate the listener, but instead brings them to a tranquil place, perfect for the vibes of coffee shops or a simple stroll through a park.

From his artistic photos on Instagram to his thoughtful and inspirational tweets to his followers, Connor Franta’s overall aesthetic is creative, pensive, and expressive. With the release of Common Culture, it is clear that Franta’s main objective is to provide an atmosphere of contemplation for his fans, presenting to them an opportunity to take a peek into his own mind. Having started on YouTube almost 5 years ago, Franta’s ever growing fan base has enabled him to pursue other creative outlets, ultimately providing him with many opportunities to expand his brand. It is safe to say that Connor’s never-ending ingenuity will provide him even more success in the future – Common Culture is simply a prelude for what’s to come.

Common Culture, Volume 1 is available now on iTunes and for streaming on Spotify.


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