Hilary Duff “Sparks” Buzz with Latest Music Video

The past several years proved to be pretty dormant in Hilary Duff’s professional life, partaking in minimally publicized projects, but active in terms of her personal life. Since the release of her last big project, Hilary participated in a few charity events,  filmed an independent movie, sprinkled a handful of magazine photoshoots into her schedule, and booked several television guest appearances, all while discovering the rewarding lifestyle of motherhood. After remaining under the radar for these past few years, Hilary Duff has finally emerged out from underneath her rock and back into the limelight – and in a big way.

It’s pretty safe to say that 2015 has already been a huge year so far for the Duff, and the year isn’t even halfway done yet. This past March, the singer/actress returned to television in a new comedy, Younger, on TV Land, and shortly afterwards, spring-boarded her way back into music with the release of her new dance track, “Sparks.” Career aside, her personal life has definitely been making headlines in recent months, from her drastic hair color change to her divorce from Mike Comrie. More recently, Hilary practically broke the internet when she was photographed with her former Lizzie McGuire costars (reunited after more than 10 years) at a bowling alley, and further shattered the Interwebz (as well as the hearts of many 20-something year olds) when it was announced that the newly single mother had joined Tinder. Duff claimed that what started out as a joke turned into something to satisfy her curiosity, and before long, she found herself going out on blind Tinder dates. Shortly after this news broke, rumors spread about this being a publicity stunt for a reality show revolving around Hilary and her new single life. Of course, Hilary herself shot down this outlandish Kardashian-esque gossip…but it turns out they weren’t too far off from the truth.

Yesterday, the long anticipated music video for her new single, “Sparks,” premiered on Vevo, and fans were not expecting what they saw. The music video starts off with Hilary partaking in an in-studio radio interview that took place when her new song just premiered, which just so happened to be around the same time that her Tinder profile found its way to Twitter and Facebook trending topics, as well as the many more news and gossip sites of the internet. Looking back now, how could anyone not see the potential correlation between the two news stories? Throughout the music video, footage is shown of Hilary and her friends swiping through the Tinder app, as well as Hilary going on a few Tinder dates. “Sparks” definitely had the intention of a music video filled with provocative choreography, but also had the heart of a documentary of a newly single woman trying to find love, all while serving as a 4-minute long ad for Tinder. So could this mean that Hilary’s online dating life was just a ruse? Was her stint on Tinder one giant elaborate marketing tactic? Or is Hilary becoming one of her own generation, hoping to find love online? In any case, Hilary continues to show that she still is, and always will be, relevant to popular culture, and will do so in the most dignified and sometimes quirky manner. Despite the mini Tinder-related scenes peppered in between the actual music segments of the music video, the video itself definitely did not disappoint – it served as a glimpse of what is to come in the new era of Hilary Duff music.

In other news, Hilary Duff will continue to make 2015 her own, as she has (finally!!!!) announced a June 16 release date for her long anticipated (7 years, to be exact) studio album entitled Breathe In. Breathe Out., featuring collaborations with big name artists, including the likes of Ed Sheeran and Tove Lo. In the Fall, Hilary will head back to New York to film the second season of Younger, before returning home just in time to embark on an international tour to promote her music again. It has been an emotional few days for her fans, as they have been patiently waiting for news of this magnitude for quite some time. It suffices to say that the wait was entirely worth it, and will undoubtedly be even more rewarding with her projects coming to fruition in the coming months.


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