1 Year On WordPress: Thank You

Exactly one year ago today, I had just gotten back home to Sacramento after a six hour road trip from southern California for Thanksgiving. Once I got home, I immediately took out my laptop, logged onto the WordPress website, and began to type out my first blog post. A few days prior, I went to Skid Row to feed the homeless, and figured that would be a great story to kick off my blogging adventures with (if you haven’t read that blog post yet, it is available here). Since then, I have been bombarded by experience after experience, all of which have found their way onto this website in one form or another. To you, the reader, I give the most heartfelt of Thank Yous for coming along for the ride.

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25 Things That Were Going On In Music Last Time Adele Released An Album

It’s been about a month since Adele made her grand return to music with the release of her first single in almost 4 years, “Hello.” Since then, Adele has taken significant strides to reclaim her rightful throne overseeing the seas of scandal-hungry and mediocre-at-best pop stars with a handful of live performances (which were all fire, by the way), new album teasers, long-anticipated interviews, all leading up to the release of her first full-length record in over four years, 25.

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