Greatest Hits: 2015 Edition

Page 365 of 365.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was typing up my Year In Review blog post for 2014, but in a blink of an eye, another year has gone by, packed to the brim with adventures, lessons, and memories I won’t soon forget. As time goes on, I find that each year is even bigger and more eventful than the last as I discover more and more things about myself and pick up bits and pieces of wisdom as I go along. I’ve side-stepped and two-stepped, and maybe even whipped and nae nae’d a little, my way through 2015, and as I look back on the past twelve months, I am pleased with what I see. Just like last year and the years before, I can’t help but feel so incredibly blessed to have gone through all of my experiences, both good and bad. As I look back, I realize that my life is pretty rad, and I can’t help but get excited as I look ahead at what’s to come in the next year.


  • Winter Quarter of my 4th year of college begins
  • Went to the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Antonio, TX with Kappa Mu Epsilon
  • Watched and was captivated by the MAZE Magic show tricks and message
  • Started becoming more involved with Cru at the start of the quarter by extending my involvement beyond weekly Bible studies


  • Purchased my ticket to VidCon 2015 in July
  • Attended my fifth (and final) Showcase of Excellence with the Kellogg Honors College. I attended my first Showcase as a high school senior looking to go to Cal Poly Pomona for college
  • Went on a hiking trip with Kappa Mu Epsilon at Eaton Canyon in Pasadena


  • Threw myself into the pits of adulthood by moving out of my dad’s apartment and paying my own rent in a house in Pomona
  • Began the “My Month in 30 Seconds” series on my YouTube channel


  • Attended College Night at the Getty in Los Angeles
  • Began attending Cru Weekly Meetings at a church off campus in Pomona


  • Went to my first “Dinners For 8” dinner party with Cru
  • Visited the Santa Ana 4th Street Market
  • Went bar hopping during Memorial Day weekend in Midtown Sacramento
  • Got my first tattoo
  • Did back to back graduation photoshoots
  • Hosted a dinner party for the Honors Ambassadors, marking my last event with the club


  • Finished my 4th year of college
  • Helped plan and host Kappa Mu Epsilon’s End of the Year Banquet, my last event with the club
  • Saw a handful of friends graduate at the 2015 Commencement Ceremonies
  • Began working as a full time student assistant for the University Test Center at the end of the academic year
  • Summoned (and reported) for jury duty for the first time


  • Cousin graduated from the University of San Francisco Nursing Program
  • Went to VidCon with a close friend and met some of our favorite online content creators, along with Mark Ruffalo and Viola Davis


  • Met Troye Sivan at an album signing at Capitol Records in Hollywood
  • Explored the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles
  • Cruised the San Francisco Bay – sailing past the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz – for my parents’ 27th wedding anniversary


  • Fell even further down the adult rabbit hole when my credit limit was increased for one of my credit cards
  • Watched Zedd perform at the Staples Center for his True Colors Tour
  • LA County Fair
  • Began my fifth and (hopefully) final year of my undergraduate career


  • Left my job at the University Test Center after working there for 1 year and 3 months
  • Got hired as a Fulfillment Associate at Hot Topic. I worked there for a total of 10 days before leaving.
  • Celebrated my 22nd birthday at Morongo Casino and went wine tasting in Santa Barbara with my family
  • Registered for my first retreat with Cru
  • Dressed up as Peter Pan for Halloween


  • Got hired as a student assistant at the Annual Fund for Cal Poly Pomona
  • Attended my first (and last) Fall Retreat with Cru at Camp Seeley
  • Went to my first NHL game at the Staples Center, where the Los Angeles Kings played against the Edmonton Oilers. The Kings won
  • Spent Veteran’s Day at Disneyland with a handful of close friends
  • Met my university President, Soraya Coley, when she visited my department
  • Got a (small) taste of parenthood when my roommates and I took in a German Shepherd
  • My one year anniversary on WordPress falls on Thanksgiving


  • Moved out of the house I was renting a room out of after my lease expired
  • Finished my first quarter of my final academic year of college
  • Began watching The Walking Dead (at the urgent request of my coworkers) and have not recovered since
  • Took a day trip to San Francisco with a few close friends from Cru

I hope this year has proven to be just as eventful for you as it has been for me, and that 2016 brings us even more memories and adventures.

Happy New Year, everyone. See you all next year!

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await another voice.”             -T.S. Eliot



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