How Wow Pow Chow (08/15-08/19)

First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of photos in this post – I’ve had a bit of a hectic week, and didn’t get a chance to take very many. This week, I had to get back into the swing of things after taking all of last week off and spending time at home. But once I got back, I hit the ground sprinting in terms of reconnecting myself with spirituality and focusing on what God has planned for me.

How has God worked in your life this week?


Like I said, I didn’t have time to take very many photos this week, so here’s a shot I took on the way to Lake Tahoe last week.

I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem, but when a string of good things happen in my life, or when I get really excited about something, I tend to get too ahead of myself and start planning the next million steps thereafter. When I get excited about one thing, I get excited about the next thing, and far too often I catch myself getting impatient when steps B through Z don’t follow through fast enough. Case in point: Last week, when I found out I got the job at LEDCONN in Brea, I found myself in front of so many open doors, and began planning out which ones I would enter. “I can pay for school next year, I can move out of my house, I can graduate from Cal Poly…” I began listing all these things on the phone with my mom when I told her about the job, to which she curtly replied, “Wait wait wait wait, you need to slow down.” I stopped, and I realized that I was doing that thing where I was getting too caught up with things that have yet to happen.

This week, I felt God putting it on my heart to be patient. Yes, it is important to celebrate the good things that happen in your life, and the natural immediate instinct is to think about what else could happen from that point. But it’s also important to remember that not everything is a sure thing. Now, instead of getting carried away with the list of things that I want to happen next, I refocus and look to God to show me what’s next. You can list all of the great things that could happen, but it’s important to remember that not all of those things are on God’s list. Celebrate your blessings as they come, but make sure your feet are always on the ground.

What is something great that happened this week?


An email I got from my boss at my on-campus job this week after I sent him some design projects I had been working on. It’s really nice being appreciated and built up by the people you work with.


A number of exciting things happened when I came back from Sacramento this week. I returned to my on-campus job (and on payday, too!) on Monday, and while most people dread going back to work after time off, I was actually looking forward to being busy again, especially at my job on campus. The very next day, I started my new job at LEDCONN. Many things happen in my life that make me stop myself and realize I’m chest-deep in the grown-up pool called adulthood. After I came back to the house from my new job – my first “big kid” job – I made pretty sizable payments on both of my credit cards, AND I made healthy food choices that entire day. I’m basically married with children at this point. Lastly, I finally was able to tell my landlord that I would be moving out of his house next month. After months of dealing with sleepless nights-a-plenty, endless internal screaming of obscenities, and a house of even more screaming children, it would all be coming to an end by this time next month. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t looking forward to moving out, but if there’s one good thing to come out of the past 8 months (oh dear, has it been that long??), it’s that I learned a great deal of patience, going through everything that I did on top of everything else.

What is something that happened this week that wasn’t so great?

Out of all of the immensely great things that went on this week, it was definitely difficult trying to think of something that happened that wasn’t so great. There was only one small unfortunate blip that happened this week, and that was being almost half an hour late on my first day of my new job. I had initially set my alarm for an hour and a half before I was supposed to go in. I ended up snoozing for fifteen more minutes, but figured I’d still have plenty of time to make it to work, even with traffic. I learned the hard way that day that rush hour traffic is no beast to mess with. Luckily, my boss was understanding, and I made sure to set my alarm to its original setting, and I am happy to say that I was on time the rest of the week.

Any interesting/note-worthy food you ate this week?

After several days of being confined to a mushy food-only diet post-wisdom teeth surgery, I took the risk of eating solid foods early this week. I was very pleased to find that my mouth was able to withstand all of the solid things I ate this week, and nothing too catastrophic happened (a few grains of rice got lodged into places, but that’s nothing some dentist-prescribed mouthwash can’t handle). I’m looking forward to all of the pizza I can now eat, instead of lamenting for it whenever my coworkers bring some into the office.


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