Second Puberty: The Struggle Nobody Talks About

We, as adults, are all too aware of the agonizing point in preteenhood where we undergo bodily changes and confusing emotions. I’ve read somewhere that the reason why we’re so angry during puberty is that we’re old enough to want to be independent and to go out and live life, but we’re too young to actually go out and do those things – thus we are left to simmer in our own frustration, without the slightest idea what to do with all of these new feelings.

So we go through puberty as we foray into teenagehood, we undergo that uncomfortable time, and then we move on once it’s over. It’s awkward, it’s weird, and no one ever wants to talk about it until it’s over. But why does no one acknowledge the second round of puberty we all go through? – That is, the process of transitioning into becoming an adult. Well here I am, in the midst of becoming a full-fledged adult myself, ready to talk about the awkward and anxiety-producing  process of becoming a grown-up.

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