Blogmas Day 2: Christmas Jams

As we enter the last quarter of every year, the urge to listen to Christmas music becomes stronger and stronger. How early is too early to start listening to Christmas music? Is it appropriate to start before Thanksgiving? What is the earliest on Thanksgiving Day that we can start having All I Want For Christmas Is You on repeat? Did Michael Buble do a better job singing that song than Mariah Carey? These are all the questions we need to ask ourselves every year as the Holiday season grows near. But these questions are up to you to answer for yourself, and I am not here to make those decisions for you. But when you do finally decide your stance on the timing of listening to Christmas Music (and who did the better rendition of which song), I’ve put together some of my favorite songs that surely gets me into the holiday spirit.

Note that I’m down to listen to any version of the songs that have been done time and time again, and that most (if not all) versions are available on Spotify. The versions that I listen to verge into more pop and mainstream genres in terms of sound (the specific artist versions I listen to will be provided in a link to my Spotify playlist below). Without further ado, here is my Christmas Tunez playlist:

  1. All I Want For Christmas Is You
  2. Christmas When You Were Mine
  3. Do They Know It’s Christmas?
  4. Greatest Time Of Year
  5. Humbug
  6. Kiss Me Babe, It’s Christmas Time
  7. Last Christmas
  8. Light Of Christmas
  9. Mary, Did You Know?
  10. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
  11. Mistletoe
  12. My Only Wish (This Year)
  13. O Holy Night
  14. Pat-A-Pan
  15. Peppermint Winter
  16. Riu Riu Chiu
  17. Santa Clause Lane
  18. Santa Tell Me
  19. The First Noel
  20. Where Are You Christmas
  21. White Winter Hymnal
  22. You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

To listen to this playlist, with all of the specified artists that I listen to, click here.

What are some of your favorite holiday tunes? Leave em in the comments.


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