Blogmas Day 12: Things I’m Bad At As An Adult

First, I apologize for missing the past two days of Blogmas. As you can imagine, trying to blog every single day can get pretty taxing, especially if you’re already on a full-time work schedule and all you want to do at the end of every work day is nothing.

The other day, I was talking to a friend at work, and he asked me what my work schedule was now that school is out for winter break. When I told him I’m basically working 8 to 5 everyday, the normal full time work schedule, he was in disbelief, and followed his shock with “Wow, you’re such an adult.” To this, I shrunk into my chair and exclaimed, “I AM NOT,” even though I am well aware that at this point I’m pretty much well underway in my foray into adulthood. While I am assuming all of the normal adult responsibilities pretty well – things like paying bills, doing taxes, and working full time – there are still so many things that I am bad at as an adult, as I’m sure many other budding adults are bad at as well. Hopefully you all can relate to some of this stuff, because there’s no such thing as a perfect adult – at least that’s what I’m trying to tell myself to feel better. Anyway, here are a few things I’m bad at as an adult.

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