Blogmas Day 13: How Wow Pow Chow (12/12-12/16)

This week was one of those weeks where nothing particularly exciting happened. There weren’t any stand-out days where something either really great happened, or something absolutely dismal happened that would put a damper on the entire week. I will say that the calmness of this past week was nice, and given the highs and lows of the past few months, the stagnancy of the week was a nice contrast from the usual chaos. Nonetheless, I’m here to find something to write about in an attempt to make this otherwise unmemorable week a memorable one.

How has God been working on your life this week?

This week, I feel like I’ve been called to boldness and patience. I’ve found that God’s way is usually giving you two seemingly contradictory things to work on, and saying, “Figure it out, kid.” This week was definitely one of those weeks. While patience and boldness don’t immediately seem like values that contradict each other, God has shown me the contradiction, while simultaneously helping me understand how they actually go hand in hand. For one thing, I am the type of person who wants immediate results with little to no waiting time whatsoever. I want to know if I passed a class, if I got the job, if I’m going to graduate, etc. I’m the type of person who will relentlessly message someone if I don’t get a response immediately, especially on (what I think would be) a pressing issue. This week, God has definitely put patience in my heart, particularly in the realm of finding housing in January. A few friends and I are thinking about moving in together next quarter, and being the person that I am, I was quick to find as many listings as I could to share with the rest of the group. What I’ve been trying to be better at is understanding that moving out is a huge step and isn’t something to be rushed into, especially if it’s your first time living on your own. Even though I did take the initiative to start a group chat with these guys, I also need to remember that they have their own stuff to work through before rushing into a decision.

Boldness is something that’s also been on my heart this week, and it goes hand in hand with practicing patience. This week, I learned that there’s a fine line between patience and complacency, and it’s boldness that will get you from one side of the line to the other. Lack of boldness results in complacency. At the same time, when you practice boldness, you then have to confront patience and then find the balance between patience and boldness, and this is something I learned to do this week. I mentioned earlier that I took the initiative to message the guys who all might be looking for housing next quarter. That, in my opinion, took boldness, as I fought with myself over and over again, debating if I should take the step to start that group message despite the worry that I may be pushing a little too hard too fast. In this case, lack of patience would be to tirelessly keep on spamming the message thread. Patience means waiting for them to take their turn to step forward. Boldness and patience go hand in hand.

What is something great that happened this week?

I feel like this past week was full of opportunities to continue developing my relationships with some of the people in my life. After my company party this past weekend, more and more people at my job off campus seem to be growing more comfortable with me, and I them, and I’m really starting to find my niche at that job. Having work friends definitely makes getting up in the morning less of a chore. At my job on campus, with all of the chaos surrounding our recent database switch and our hectic schedules this past quarter, my boss decided to set aside two hours of our workday on Wednesday to play some games. It was honestly such an amazing time, mostly because any time spent with everyone I work with at that job is always a great time, but also because the two games we played were actually really fun. Finally, I got to spend some much needed catching up time with a few friends this week – once with a couple of friends I’ve known since freshman year, and again with someone I met in my Bible study two years ago. Both days, it was really nice getting to update each other on the goings on of our lives, but even better knowing that our conversations go beyond surface level topics.

What is something that happened this week that wasn’t so great?

Again, nothing really necessarily bad happened to me this week that’s worth sharing in a blog post. If anything remotely unfortunate did happen this week, it obviously wasn’t that big of a deal since I’m struggling to think of any situation this week that I was dying to write about. If I had to choose a negative happening from this week, it would have to be that I missed two more days of Blogmas. In my defense though, the two days that I missed were the days that I was out catching up and spending some much needed quality time with my friends, and I think that’s a good enough reason to practice a hint of inconsistency. Whenever I give myself a goal, though, I make every effort to follow through, and so whenever I fall short, I get disappointed in myself. But every single time, I just pick myself up where I left off and keep going.

Any interesting/note-worthy foods you’ve eaten this week?

On the day that my friends from freshman year and I got together, we went out for tacos (it was Taco Tuesday. Yay for discount tacos). The tacos were great, especially since they were only $1 each, but that’s not what I’m highlighting here. On our way back from the taco place to my friend’s apartment, they were talking about how amazing the churros from Jack In The Box were, to which I contributed, “I’ve never tried those before.” Seeing an opportunity to change a life at that very moment, my friends took us to a nearby Jack In The Box (after we ate our $1 tacos), and ordered several packs of these coveted churros. Just like with everything else, I was worried that my friends may have been hyping up these churros a bit too much, especially since I’m a picky eater, and it takes a lot to get a reaction from me. I will say, though, that after my first bite of those mini Jack In The Box churros, the trajectory of my life was forever changed. If you haven’t tried these yet, I urge you to stop reading this right now, march yourself into the nearest Jack In The Box, and try them for yourself. The only gripe I have with these beloved churros is that it took 23 years for them to come into my life.

Before typing this out, I was worried I wouldn’t really have anything of substance from this week to write about. I’m glad I actually took the time to go back in my brain and remember all that happened this week, turning what I thought to be an unmemorable week into a memorable one.


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