Dear Donald Trump


Dear Mr. Trump,

It has now been about two months since you have been elected the next President of the United States, and what an interesting two months it has been. I must say, the day after the election was a strange day, and I felt such a wide range of emotions watching you win those last few electoral votes – anger, sadness, confusion, panic, intrigue. I usually refrain from sharing my political opinions publicly, but due to the climate of this past election season, I can’t help but feel a responsibility to finally share my feelings with you and my readers.

Those feelings that I listed have since dissipated over the past few months. I’m not upset anymore. I’m not angry anymore. There’s still a hint of disappointment with the outcome of the election, but I’m the type of person who prefers not to harp on things that have already happened, nor do I find it particularly productive to be contemptuous of things that have past. Job 5:2 tells me that “wrath kills the foolish” and Philippians 3:13 urges me to “forget those things that are behind.” Despite being bombarded by negative tweets, Facebook posts, and news articles that try to paint you in the worst color possible, I refuse to be part of the population that is trying to bully you out of office before you even get a chance to start.

The words you’ve said in the past have awoken dormant hatred within many people, and have hurt even more. I hope you realize that those words can’t be taken back and that you’ve shaded yourself an unflattering hue – but I’m not called to hold those things against you, nor am I called to pray for a short stint in office. I am called to forgive and to show you compassion, and I’m called to give you a chance to prove yourself worthy of the presidential title.

And so that’s exactly what I’m going to do, seeing as how my options here are limited.

Mr. Trump, over half of the country voted against you this past November. That means over half of the population deems you unqualified and unworthy of being the leader of this country. Over half of the United States doesn’t want you in office. However, despite any and all odds, you somehow won the spot in office. Now that you’re in that position of power, I urge you to step away from your pride and your need to prey on those who prey on you. Now is your chance to prove millions of people wrong – prove to us that you are worthy of being the leader of this country, that you deserve the title of President of the United States. Do what you’ve promised this election season and make America great – but don’t forget that it’s the people of the United States that make it great. Put an end to the hatred you’ve awoken. You now have a responsibility to unify this country, not divide it.

Tomorrow, you will officially be inaugurated into office, and millions of people have been holding their breath for that day. That day has finally come, and I would like, with all sincerity, to wish you the best of luck during your term as President. I pray that you recognize your power and your influence, and that you use it for the good of this nation. I pray that the rest of the population bury their hatred and use their passion to unite and spark positive change. This election season has absolutely wrecked our nation, and so I pray that you, indeed, make America great again.




One thought on “Dear Donald Trump

  1. Mrs. Letts says:

    Thank you Cousin for taking the high road on such an extremely important, and yet , difficult topic. I applaud you for showing GRACE to someone whom we don’t know what the future holds for him, or his other elected officials. The wisdom of your words show maturity and growth. For that I admire your stance on this subject. Have a blessed day cousin!!! Love you!

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