The Art of (Pretending) Having It Together

Notice the featured image I chose, taken a few days ago: Home early from work because of a cold, bed unmade, scouring social media (but please draw your attention away from the hole in my sock). This photo, for the most part, is a lot like the current state of my life: In apparent disarray, but with the right filter, still looks aesthetically pleasing. Every Thursday, I co-emcee Cru’s weekly meetings, and every Thursday, I show up wearing my business casual attire I wear at my grown-up job as a Marketing Assistant for an actual company. I always get comments left and right about how my outfits at Weekly Meeting are always on point, hair impeccably coiffed, and how my strides are always laced with confidence. Little do those people know that just a few moments before I walked through the doors, I was picking stray lettuce off of my lap from stuffing my face with McDonald’s while I raced and cursed in the middle of rush hour traffic. Pretending I have it together is my forte, and I am here to tell you how much my life is in shambles, and how I came to terms with that.

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