Revisiting My Old Tumblr Blog Posts

A little backstory: Back in the (not so) distant days of high school, 16 year old Walter made a Tumblr account, and I kept up with updating it for the rest of high school and for a good part of college. Eventually, I created a private sub-account where I would document my college experiences for my close friends from back home to read on a weekly basis – at least for my freshman year, and the first part of sophomore year. Over the next few years, updates on that blog would come very few and far between, all of which came when I had some sort of “epiphany” and needed to document it. As you all may or may not know, I have since abandoned both of those accounts, as I have this one to update regularly.

Recently, I’ve decided to revisit both blogs – both the private and public ones – and see how far I’ve come since my Tumblr high school/early college days. I expected to find a lot of nostalgia (which I did), but I also found a whole lot of cringe. These posts were so unbelievably angsty, and I wrote as if I knew everything about the universe (admittedly, I probably still do that, but I’d like to think that I now have a little more perspective than I did when I was eighteen). As I was going through these posts, I thought why keep the cringe to myself when I can share it with all of the internet – or at least the internet that follows me on social media – since it’s already been floating around for the past several years.

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