Blogmas Day 7: Fun Instagram Challenges

Ever since I got my first smart phone five years ago, I was quick to jump on as many social media platforms as I possibly could. When you first join Instagram, you immediately want to start posting as much as you can as often as you can. Eventually, you look through your profile and see a long string of photos of ordinary items with half-assed filters slapped onto them. My own Instagram profile has lived many different lifetimes. I went through the phase of posting every mundane thing that was going on in my daily life. I became that annoying friend you never wanted to hang out with because he insisted on making everyone wait to eat their food to take a photo “for the gram.” For awhile, I posted selfies with pretentious captions to make myself look ~brooding~ or ~cultured~ (Disclaimer: I am neither of those things). Nowadays, I do try to maintain some kind of a consistent theme with my photos, trying to incorporate the same filter and color schemes with each photo I take – which, let me tell you, is no easy task. There was a point over the past five years that I’ve participated in daily challenges in order to maintain a constant presence on the platform, while also challenging yourself creatively. If you are an Instagram glutton like myself, here are several challenges I, as well as my friends, have participated in over the past several years.

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