Blogmas Day 12: Conspiracy Theories

Little known fact about me: I’m a huge fan of conspiracy theories. I don’t necessarily buy into them, especially the ones pertaining to things like the lizard colony and the illuminati, but it’s interesting to hear how some people try to explain the universe and why certain things happen. We’re all familiar with the more mild and well-known theories that have to do with Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster (both of which I buy into), but there are deeper corners that some people venture into, myself included, and I am here to share some of my favorite conspiracy theories. For this blog post, I encourage you all to delve into this with an open mind and suspend logic. I will admit, a couple of these are incredibly far reaching, so whether or not you want to believe them is up to you. Also, keep in mind that I am trying to keep these as concise as possible, so I may not be able to include some other key facts, but I will certainly try to maintain their underlying ideas.

1. Hollow Moon Theory

As the title of this one may suggest, there is a theory that the moon is hollow, and that there is proof that supports this theory. It’s not that difficult to buy into the fact that the moon might indeed be hollow. Anyone walking down the street can come up to me and tell me that, and I wouldn’t think twice about it. The specific theory I will focus on here is that the moon is actually a space ship, or, at the very least, a hollow sphere of metal revolving around the Earth. Years of research done on and about the moon contribute to the notion that all of its activity don’t make a whole lot of sense according to what we know about geology, physics, and other natural sciences. For one thing, it is said that the particles of dust on the moon don’t match the rocks that currently sit on the surface of the moon. What’s more, the rocks that are found on the moon cannot be found anywhere else in our solar system, and act as though they are magnetized to the moon’s surface. What this implies is that the extra terrestrial beings that probably reside underneath the surface of the moon brought these rocks from other places in space and stuck them onto what we now know as the moon, probably to attempt to make it appear desolate and uninhabited. Another compelling argument for this theory brings up the size and shape of the craters on the moon, and how they make absolutely no sense. When any other dense surface is struck by something, the impression that object leaves tends to match the shape of the object that hit it. For example, if you were to drop a rock on a sheet of sand, it will leave a concave impression with a depth greater than the diameter of the newly formed crater. Assuming that many different sized rocks and comets hit the moon, the craters they left don’t match what we know about the reaction of an object striking another. The craters on the moon are said to be flat, some even convex, and the diameter of the craters being much larger than the depth of the crater. Finally, perhaps the most compelling argument that supports this theory dates back to the moon landing of the Apollo 12. Upon landing on the moon, the Apollo 12 didn’t have the smoothest of landings, and instead crash landed onto the moon. Upon impact, it is said that the surface of the moon reverberated like a bell for one hour, which contradicts what we’d think would happen if the moon was not hollow. So what creatures may be residing underneath the surface of the moon?


2. Shakespeare

This conspiracy theory states that the works of Shakespeare were not written by him, but were instead ghost written by Sir Francis Bacon. To give you a little backstory behind Sir Francis Bacon, he was said to have been an extremely intelligent man, holding many titles including philosopher, scientist, and author. He is also deemed to be the father of English Freemasonry and the driving force behind the Rosicrucian Order. Since I am limited on space here, basically what all of those words boil down to is that he is responsible for adapting one language and standard of living that all people in England and its colonies could understand and live by. After a series of events, this led to him writing the complete works of Shakespeare, providing an avenue for people to learn and adapt a new language while still being entertained. Since Sir Francis Bacon often associated himself in the world of arts and theater, he recruited the help of an actor to essentially be the face of Shakespeare, the man that we currently know him to be today. Several compelling arguments can make way for one to believe this theory to be true. One of these being that upon analyzing William Shakespeare’s signature, it is said by experts that the man who posed as Shakespeare that signed his name as if he was “unfamiliar with a pen.” The argument here is that any person who was brilliant enough to essentially make up an entire language and mask it underneath creative storytelling could not have been the same person to be signing his name on all of these works. Another compelling argument is that upon William Shakespeare’s death, he chose to not leave his works and all of their future assets to his wife in his will. He instead left her with his “second best bed” upon his death. Call this a case of extreme egocentricity and misogyny, or perhaps William Shakespeare knew that he could not leave his famed works in the possession of his loved ones if they weren’t even his to begin with. Other famed writers including Walt Whitman, Sigmund Freud, and Mark Twain are all on the same boat claiming that there is absolutely no way that William Shakespeare wrote his own plays. Whether this theory is true or not, the underlying goal of the Free Masons to establish a set system of laws, architecture, science, and language was more than abundantly accomplished, since we are still, to this day, living by those trends, and still studying the works of Shakespeare.

3. The Titanic and the Olympic

Disclaimer: If you are sensitive to the subject of the Titanic and want to preserve its integrity the way you’ve always known it, I suggest not reading on from here because this one gets pretty dark. To give a bit of background, the Titanic was owned by a large company called White Star Lines, who also manufactured a similar ship called the Olympic several years before the Titanic set sail. During one of its voyages, the Olympic was involved in a collision with another ship, and the damage caused to the Olympic would not permit any insurance money to be awarded to repair the damages since the collision appeared to be the fault of the Olympic – an enormous financial disaster to White Star Lines. While all of this was happening, the Titanic was being built, but its construction was halted due to the immense repairs that had to be done on the Olympic in order for it to sail again. Through another series of unfortunate events, the Olympic lost an important part vital to make the ship run smoothly, which would then deem it out of commission, and causing even more financial hurt on White Star Lines. One important thing to note is that to any layperson’s eye, the two ships were virtually indistinguishable and looked almost identical to each other. Just before the Titanic was to set sail, it was docked in the same harbor as its sister ship, the Olympic. It is here that some people speculate that the two ships could have been swapped, and had people boarding the Olympic instead of the Titanic. With the Olympic posing as the Titanic, White Star Lines could then gain any insurance money under the Titanic’s name in order to make up for the damages and repairs of the Olympic. On the night the Titanic collided with the iceberg, there were many circumstances from that evening that could have prevented this accident from happening. For one thing, the iceberg that it collided with was three miles off of the ships’ intended course, and could have been seen from eight miles away on a clear night, which it was when the Titanic took off. Also, signals were sent from another ship to the Titanic, giving them the locations of any icebergs that existed on its course. Any messages that were sent to the Titanic were held and most likely ignored by those operating the ship. The story of the Titanic is already so tragic without this conspiracy theory, so assuming this theory is true, it makes the story so much darker, especially knowing that the collision could have easily been prevented.

These three conspiracy theories are simply the leading edge to the many rabbit holes I’ve been down. Whether you buy into any of these theories or not, I hope you enjoyed reading them, and are at least open to looking to read more about them or find more of your own.


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