Blogmas Day 1: 2018 Goals, Revisited

Hello, everyone. I’m back from my blogging hiatus (for now), and coming up for air from the grad school hole I’ve been buried in for the past four months. Because I spent the past four months doing nothing but reading, writing, researching, and annotating, bear with me if my next couple of posts are lacking in content. There has been a lot of reflecting since I finished up the semester a few days ago – which I will go into more detail on in an upcoming blog post, trust – but because my brain is still decompressing from the aforementioned reading, writing, researching, and annotating, I would like to ease myself back into writing before fully delving back into the #personal blog posts. To kick off this year’s Blogmas, I would like to revisit some goals I set for myself at the end of last year.

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