Finding God In The Chaos

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another long-overdue blog post. I’ve just finished up my first year of graduate school (!!!), which means I can dedicate a bigger fraction of my attention to this blog. This past year has been such an incredible growing experience, both in the classroom and outside the classroom. Outside of school, it’s been a season of learning how to juggle and foster community in all of my social circles, how to find moments of rest amidst the chaos of this season, and how to keep myself from getting distracted from my walk with the Lord. As the title may suggest, the past several months have been nothing short of chaotic, and suffice it to say, I’ve struggled trying to find the constant I’ve previously found in Jesus Christ. Now that I’m out of the storm and can finally feel the dust settling, I’m back and I’m here to share with you all how the Lord has been working in my life amidst all of the chaos.

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