Blogmas Day 3: November Jams

Okay so I realize that this is the second post about music in a row, but I’m currently in the midst of studying for finals, and I needed something to post today. Hopefully the music I’m featuring in this post will make up for the lack of creativity and thoughtfulness – I promise that will all come back as soon as the quarter ends next week.

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Blogmas Day 2: Christmas Jams

As we enter the last quarter of every year, the urge to listen to Christmas music becomes stronger and stronger. How early is too early to start listening to Christmas music? Is it appropriate to start before Thanksgiving? What is the earliest on Thanksgiving Day that we can start having All I Want For Christmas Is You on repeat? Did Michael Buble do a better job singing that song than Mariah Carey? These are all the questions we need to ask ourselves every year as the Holiday season grows near. But these questions are up to you to answer for yourself, and I am not here to make those decisions for you. But when you do finally decide your stance on the timing of listening to Christmas Music (and who did the better rendition of which song), I’ve put together some of my favorite songs that surely gets me into the holiday spirit.

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Blogmas Day 1: November Favorites

I would like to first apologize for leaving this on the back burner for the past month. School, work, and extra-curricular activities have been taking over every minute of my life, and by the time I checked everything off of my to-do list, I was either too exhausted to sit down and type up a post, or more things just kept getting added to it. In fact, I’m trying to discretely type this up at work in between tasks, in case you wanted to gauge how immensely busy I’ve been. But now that the quarter is winding down and my schedule is freeing up as winter break approaches, I’d like to make up for lost time by writing a blog post everyday until Christmas (hence the name, Blogmas). Here is the first post, featuring some of my favorite things from the past month!

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