Moving House And The Feeling Of Home

During the span of the 3 months following graduation, I can safely say that I’ve done a fair share of introspection, reflection, and self-discovery. This was the first time in awhile where I felt like I was truly ending one chapter of my life and beginning a new one as I said goodbye to my undergraduate days and dove headfirst into true adulthood. Just this summer, I earned my Bachelor’s degree, watched one of my best friends get married, reconnected with people I’d lost contact with, and silently cheered on other friends as they began new and exciting adventures in their own lives. Despite all of these huge strides my friends and I have taken in the short summer, the one thing that I’ve been spending a lot of my time reflecting on was moving house – not once, but twice – and the emotions and conclusions that came along with it.

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How Faith Helps Me Overcome Anxiety

Let me preface this post by clarifying a few things. I’m not seeking validation. I’m not seeking attention. I don’t want sympathy. I don’t claim to know the answer to everyone’s struggles. These are my experiences, and the reason why I’ve never done more than briefly reference my struggles is that, until recently, I didn’t think it was anyone else’s business but mine. But given recent events and the growing conversations, I figured now is the time to be a part of the conversation.

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God’s Love

Pure. Extraordinary. Comforting, Overwhelming. These are just a few words that come to mind when I ponder God’s unfailing (oh look, another word) love that I feel each and everyday. At this point, it’s no giant secret that I am a child of God. But while my faith isn’t something that I keep hidden, I’ve come to realize that it’s not exactly something I talk too much about, either. This may be because I don’t feel like I have the adequate theological knowledge that a lot of my friends have, or that I’m very much still learning what it’s like to live a life alongside Christ. But the one thing that I am sure of that I think I can adequately detail in a blog post is my understanding of God’s love. So, friends, whether you are a believer or not, I invite you to peer into this large part of my life. If you felt a tug on your heart as soon as you read that title, and if you still feel that tug getting this far into my post, I urge you to read on – hopefully this post will serve as some threshold to your own path of understanding God’s love.

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100th Blog Post: Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

I’ve been putting off writing this blog post, partly because these past few weeks have been super hectic for me (what else is new), but mostly because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to write about for this milestone. When I logged onto WordPress a couple weeks ago, I had every intention to write my usual quarter-end reflection, until I realized that this would be my 100th post. I asked for suggestions from a few friends, and while I was given really good suggestions, none of them seemed apt enough to write for the big 1-0-0. Thus, I let this draft sit for a few weeks while more ideas simmered in the back burner of my mind. I’ve decided to save the ideas people gave me for future blog posts, and instead make this one a retrospective, despite having already written plenty of those in the past. In case you don’t make it past this paragraph and decide that you’ve read enough of my mushy word vomit (wow interesting word selection there, Walt), I would just like to say thank you for reading my posts, whether you’ve only read one of my blog posts or all 100. You really don’t have to spend 5 minutes of your day reading what I have to say, but the fact that you do truly means a lot to me.

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23 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

I have officially been on this Earth for 23 years, which means I’m pretty much at the helm of adulthood. During those 23 years, there’s no doubt that I’ve learned a thing or two as I endured the plenty growing pains that life had to offer. While I don’t regret any of the decisions I’ve made in the past, I do acknowledge the fact that I may have made some choices and took on certain mindsets that made living life a little bit of a challenge, both for myself and those around me. I’ve compiled a list of 23 pieces of advice – one for each year I’ve been alive – that I would have wanted my younger self to know.

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How Wow Pow Chow (09/05-09/09)

So it’s been almost three weeks since the last time I posted one of these. For awhile, I considered either posting these once a month instead of once a week or just quietly letting this series die out. Ultimately, I decided against either option, concluding that doing these weekly reflections really helps me re-center myself after a long and exhausting week of near-adult responsibilities. Also, I need an excuse to visit coffee shops and cafes at least once a week. Another reason why it’s been a minute since I posted one of these was the unmitigated (and unexpected) chaos that occurred in the weeks after I came back from my short vacation in Sacramento. But I am back, ready to get back into the grind of posting these every week. Without further ado, here is how this week panned out for me.

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How Wow Pow Chow (08/15-08/19)

First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of photos in this post – I’ve had a bit of a hectic week, and didn’t get a chance to take very many. This week, I had to get back into the swing of things after taking all of last week off and spending time at home. But once I got back, I hit the ground sprinting in terms of reconnecting myself with spirituality and focusing on what God has planned for me.

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How Wow Pow Chow (08/08-08/12)

This past week at home allowed me to really take time to rest and take in everything happening around me without the pressures and distractions of work and school. It dawned on me earlier this week that this is the first time in a really long time that I finally feel like I can breathe and not have to worry about things like trying to find a job or complete an assignment for school. I explain everything in this week’s How Wow Pow Chow.

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How Wow Pow Chow (08/01-08/05)

In an attempt to try and update this on a regular basis, I’ve decided to begin posting weekly blogs where I can reflect on things that have happened over that week. It can get really easy to slip into the routine of things so much that you forget to stop, look around, and take in every ounce of goodness that’s occurring around you. Especially with the events that have been going on around the world surrounding violence, terrorism, and overall negativity, I figure these posts will inevitably be a great way to remember the good things that happen as well.

The idea behind “How Wow Pow Chow” came from an ice breaker that I was introduced to within my Cru community. It was designed to get a group of people in the mindset to talk about spirituality, and also serve as a reminder that God is always working behind the scenes in your life, whether you realize it or not. So in these weekly blog posts, I will acknowledge these topics:

  • HOW: How has God been working on your life this week?
  • WOW: What is something really great that has happened this week?
  • POW: What is something that happened this week that may have not been the greatest?
  • CHOW: Any interesting/note-worthy food you’ve eaten this week?

Without further adieu, here begins the “How Wow Pow Chow” series on this blog.

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