Dear Donald Trump


Dear Mr. Trump,

It has now been about two months since you have been elected the next President of the United States, and what an interesting two months it has been. I must say, the day after the election was a strange day, and I felt such a wide range of emotions watching you win those last few electoral votes – anger, sadness, confusion, panic, intrigue. I usually refrain from sharing my political opinions publicly, but due to the climate of this past election season, I can’t help but feel a responsibility to finally share my feelings with you and my readers.

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I Explain My Instagram

We all know that one person who, when out with a group of people, spends a generous amount of time taking aesthetic photos of plants, trees, people, chairs, et cetera. That is most likely the same person who needs to get a shot of the table of food when out grabbing a bite to eat with friends. Occasionally, you may see the hashtag #vscocam follow a mildly-obscure-almost-pretentious caption on their artsy photos on Instagram, and you’ll find a lot of their photos are geotagged at either a trendy restaurant or in a city-comma-state you may or may not have heard of. My friends, I would like to shamelessly admit that I am that person, and I am here to explain myself, as well as the rest of the community of wannabe photographers on Instagram.

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I Wish I Grew Up In The 1980’s

Let’s turn the clock back to the year 2009. I was fifteen years old, a sophomore in high school, and just got cast as one of the lead roles in my high school’s spring musical, Back to the 80’s. As the title of the play suggests, it was riddled with references to 1980’s pop culture, all of the songs in the musical were from the 1980’s, the dialogue was delightfully cheesy, and all of it was GLORIOUS. Having just missed this fantastic neon-splashed, synth-infused era by just a decade, I will unfortunately never know what it was like to live during the 80’s, but being in this play was one step into experiencing this era, being able to live vicariously through my character. It wasn’t until after I did the play that I realized I missed out on a totally bitchin good time.

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Hello, I’m An Introvert.

If you frequent this blog, or if you are one of the few people I interact with on a constant basis, you know that I am highly introverted. On the scale of introversion and extroversion, I am so far on the side of introversion, you would have to “Ctrl -” about five hundred times before you would be able to see where I stand on the scale. People who hardly know me or people I’ve just met are probably several shades of surprised upon hearing this because – believe it or not, friends and family – I know how to introduce myself to new people when put in that situation. I may seem excited to meet people for the first time, or so I hope it may seem, but on the inside I’m screaming obscenities at myself, desperately trying to pound the awkward out of my words and actions.

Being introverted is something that I wholeheartedly accept about myself. It’s something that I think about on a daily basis. But yesterday, it became so incredibly evident to me exactly how introverted I am when I attended a friend’s wedding, and I am here to walk you through my thought train from the hours leading up to the event all the way to the car ride back home. For those who are thinking, “What the heck, Walt. I could care less about what it’s like to be you,” try and think of this as a guided tour not just through my own mind, but the minds of other introverts – hopefully this will allow you to understand us better.

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Frequently Asked Question: “Why Are You A Math Major?”

In a recent job interview, after scanning through my writing samples, resume, and cover letter, my interviewer turned to me and said, “You’re such a good writer! But you’re a Math Major? Why Math?” Already used to being asked this question under different circumstances – usually asked with a combination of horror and grave concern – I gave her what I like to call my “Spark Notes response” to that seemingly age-old question. After conversing for a little while longer, she leans back in her chair, arms folded, with a look of amazed disbelief on her face, she tells me, “No offense, but you don’t fit in with the rest of the Math majors. You fit in more with my people.” Translation: “You’re way too creative to be studying numbers all day long.” Incredibly flattered, and stifling an “oh please” chuckle, I shared with her more insight as to why I chose Math as my major field of study, and how I exactly intend to use my degree in my career.

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My Commentary on The Ongoing Debate About Extroversion vs. Introversion

Lately, it seems as though Facebook has become the breeding ground of sharing articles, and I’ve been noticing a lot of articles about the difference between introversion, extroversion, and the misconceptions about either one. This topic is one that I, myself, feel very passionate about because I do believe there is a very clear divide between extroversion and introversion, and I am here to regale you all with my thoughts. Also hello, everyone. I took a month off from blogging, but now I am back.

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The Berenstein Bears, Parallel Universes, and The Mandela Effect

Most people, if not everyone, recognize the Berenstein Bears as a large part of their upbringing, whether it was reading the series of stories or watching them come to life on television. The famous characters are known largely for the life lessons and values that were taught to young children as they were just starting to learn how to read. Recently, these beloved characters became a huge part of an ongoing conspiracy theory that many generations are having a difficult time wrapping their minds around.

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The Teen Choice Awards, Poor Journalism, & The Uprising of #TeamInternet

The annual Teen Choice Awards aired this past Sunday on Fox, and just like every year prior, this year’s installment saw some new categories and new faces. With the constant surges of new talent that emerge every year, what else is there to expect? I will admit that when I scanned over the categories and the subsequent nominees, I furrowed my eyebrows at the names that I wasn’t familiar with. But just because I didn’t know who some (or most) of these people are, that shouldn’t take away from the fact that these people were obviously talented enough to be nominated for that coveted surfboard. The day after the TCA’s aired, E! News published this article highlighting (or shading) this year’s TCA nominees, and the internet was having none of it.

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