Blogmas Day 4: White Elephant Gift Ideas

It’s finally December, which means holiday parties are being thrown left and right, whether it’s a company party, a hang with friends after finals, or a get-together with extended family. This probably also means that for at least one of those parties, either a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange is being organized. In my own experience, Secret Santa gifts are easier to shop for because 1. some sort of wish list was passed around, 2. I knew the person well enough to know what to get them, or 3. I just asked people for ideas. White Elephant gift exchanges tend to be a little more involved, and require some level of strategy – that is, if you want to do it right. The good thing about White Elephant is that although the spectrum of gifts is vast and wide, the spending limit tends to narrow down the variety of gifts you could buy. Here are a few ideas of what to get for your next White Elephant gift exchange with your friends, family, or colleagues.

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Blogmas Day 2: Christmas Jams

As we enter the last quarter of every year, the urge to listen to Christmas music becomes stronger and stronger. How early is too early to start listening to Christmas music? Is it appropriate to start before Thanksgiving? What is the earliest on Thanksgiving Day that we can start having All I Want For Christmas Is You on repeat? Did Michael Buble do a better job singing that song than Mariah Carey? These are all the questions we need to ask ourselves every year as the Holiday season grows near. But these questions are up to you to answer for yourself, and I am not here to make those decisions for you. But when you do finally decide your stance on the timing of listening to Christmas Music (and who did the better rendition of which song), I’ve put together some of my favorite songs that surely gets me into the holiday spirit.

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