Finals Week Tips

If you’re reading this right now, chances are that you, much like myself, should be preparing for your impending doom, otherwise known as finals week. You’ve spent the last 10 (or 16 for you semester folks) weeks going to class (probably), taking diligent notes during lectures (or doodling), and completing hours upon hours (and hours) of projects and homework assignments, that would all lead up to this point of the quarter (semester) – finals week. This last week of instruction was the calm before the storm, finishing up projects, completing final homework assignments, etc. Despite the fact that you have encountered this fateful week many times before, for some reason its reappearance comes unexpectedly by the time it does come around. Because of that, you find yourself ripping your hair out, stress eating, cramming as much information into your brain as possible. If not, congratulations – you’re in denial. But before you go on that stress-induced rampage, here are a few tips to keep from doing so (or at least postpone it).

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