5 Signs That I Was Definitely Raised Filipino

It’s definitely no secret that I’m Filipino. I mean, it’s not like I go out onto the streets and make giant “Look at me, I’m Filipino!” proclamations when I get the chance – upon first glance, people can usually tell what my ethnicity is. That being said, it’s not normally something I think about until one of the following things happen: 1. Someone asks what ethnicity I am “just to make sure” or 2. I do something that is just absolutely, undeniably Filipino. It is during those times that I start to realize that different practices and cultural customs I was raised on find ways to filter themselves into my everyday living. Make no mistake, I am by no means ashamed of any of it – it amuses me more than anything, especially when I hear one or both of my parents’ voices in my head when it does happen. Here are a few examples that have happened to me recently that made me realize, “Wow, I’m definitely Filipino.”

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