Finding God In The Mundane

Recall this scenario. You’re at the tail end of your final year of college. You’re ripping your hair out as you eagerly finish your final papers and cram information into your brain in preparation for the last of your final exams of your undergraduate degree. You’re almost there and you can almost smell and feel the magnificent glory of finally walking across the stage at graduation. You can’t wait to be done with school, having dedicating almost two whole decades of your life so you can get to this moment right now. You can’t wait to start your full time job working in the field that you’ve dedicated your early adulthood studying. But then what? What happens when all of the excitement dies down and your life plateaus?

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Thoughts On Working In A Field Outside What I Studied In College

Graduation is one week away. The closer that day comes, the more often I get asked what my plans are after I get my degree. I am happy to say that I’ve been offered a position as an assistant for the Gift Processing department at my soon-to-be alma mater. Will I be doing anything related to my major in this position? No, I will not. Do I plan on doing anything with my degree specific to what I studied? Absolutely not. Here are some thoughts on not working in my field.

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