Viral Videos and The Promposal

Prom has been a long-running tradition in high schools across the country (possibly across the globe also. I didn’t do my research). Going to prom almost serves as a rite of passage, being one of those final events of your high school career that you have to look forward to as you work your way through those four pivotal years. Prior to a few months ago, the simple task of going to prom – not necessarily with a date – was enough of a milestone to reach for most high school juniors and seniors (to those handful of fortunate sophomores who get the chance to go to prom, kudos to you). Nowadays, it seems as though going to prom isn’t good enough – the elaborate way of being asked to prom has become extremely important to these priority-less teenagers. But where did this sudden obsession come from, and why is it such a big deal?

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