“Scream: The TV Series” – Horror For The Next Generation

This past Tuesday, the television adaption of the famous slasher film franchise, Scream, premiered on MTV. Following the release of the fourth film of the series in 2011, speculation arose of whether or not the franchise would continue with a fifth and sixth installment. Along with this talk of more film additions to the Scream series, it was rumored that the film franchise would pick itself up as a television series on MTV. This rumor was received with reservation from the franchise’s loyal fans – how can the integrity be maintained from a slasher film reworked for television? MTV is known for taking great risks in their original programming, pushing television series to their absolute limit, broadcasting explicit scenes that would be deemed “inappropriate for television” by other networks. Tasked with the challenge of being able to maintain the integrity of the successful and beloved Scream franchise while staying within the confines of “television appropriateness,” as well as providing an entertaining show, MTV certainly delivered and seamlessly accomplished all of these things.

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