Blogmas Day 16: My Year In Spotify

I like to think that I have a relatively diverse taste in music. When asked what my favorite type of music is, I’m usually pretty open to many genres. Spotify did a pretty good job at introducing me to artists I never would have found without the internet. It keeps track of what I listen to on a daily basis and compiles personal playlists with songs from artists I may be interested in. Spotify also did this cool thing this year, allowing me to view my listening trends over the past year based on my listening history. According to Spotify, I listened to over 44,000 minutes worth of music, spanning across 1,615 different songs and almost 700 different artists, exploring 27 different genres along the way. Spotify also compiled a list of my top 100 played songs from 2017. In case anyone is interested in listening to those songs and taking a peek into what music I like to listen to, here are the songs I listened to most this year, according to Spotify.

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