Blogmas Day 10: Thoughts on Taylor Swift’s “Reputation”

It’s been exactly one month since Taylor Swift released her new album, “Reputation,” and over a week since she has made the album available on all streaming platforms. Given her pop culture presence over the past several years, it’s pretty safe to say that the release of this album has been long anticipated, whether you stand on the side of excitement or apathy. Now that I’ve had the album in my possession for a month (and has since been on repeat in my car), I feel now is the appropriate time to finally share my thoughts and feelings on this album.

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Blogmas Day 2: November Favorites

I kicked off last year’s Blogmas series with a list of my favorite things from November, and I am here once again to provide you with this year’s favorites. In last year’s list, I included things that weren’t necessarily tangible, such as places that I visited that month or a TV show I really enjoyed. This year, whether it matters to you or not, I decided to take a small step away from the more abstract items, and include physical objects that I enjoyed this month.

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