5 Things To Watch On Netflix During Your Time Off

While we are in the midst of the chaos of everyday life, we long for the sweet reprieve we get when the weekend comes. But two days following the work week is hardly enough to fully regain stamina to endure another full week of responsibilities, so we yearn for that long awaited vacation time. We begin planning each day of our time off, making a mental to do list of activities starting the minute we wake up on the first day of vacation – going on walks to the park, perhaps taking a trip to the gym, (finally) reading that book your friend recommended, starting to fill in the pages of that adult coloring book you bought last month, et cetera.

But for some reason, we never make it past the comfort of our bed with our computer within arm’s reach, leaving our bedroom sanctuary only for food and bathroom breaks. Since you are already scrolling through your social media feeds, Hulu queue, and Netflix library, let me regale you with a few of my favorites on Netflix that are definitely worth binge watching on your time off.

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