Blogmas Day 11: Best of 2016

I usually compile a bigger list of some of the cool things that happened to me throughout the year on New Year’s Eve, but I figure choosing five of the best highlights of the year and going into a bit more detail of each one would be a better idea. Even though there’s still 19 days left of 2016, I decided to write this post now because of a few reasons: 1. I really just needed something to write about for today’s Blogmas post that would be easy yet somewhat thoughtful and 2. I don’t think anything too extravagant could possibly happen in the remaining two and a half weeks of the year. Please know that I am extremely thankful for everything that happened to me this year, and that I learned a lot about who I am as a person through some of the bigger events, but in the spirit of keeping things a bit more lighthearted, I decided to highlight other opportunities I took over the course of the year, and save the sappy post for later.

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